5 Cheap(ish) Things to Help You Have a Very Hygge Winter

In collaboration with Wirecutter, a New York Times company that reviews and recommends products, listed below are four other affordable(ish) items to assist you to include a hygge winter.


This winter, I’m on a quest to see how many faux-fur items I could wear simultaneously, partly inspired by this essay on why you need to buy a silly winter coat.

When you’re settling set for a hygge evening, everything you’re wearing should be comfortable. There’s a good term for your trousers that are oh-so-comfortable but shouldn’t be observed in public areas: hyggebukser. Slippers are the exclamation stage on your hyggebukser.

The very best slippers are fuzzy and warm without making your feet sweaty and so are easy to wear and off without using the hands, which are, of course, busy being warmed by your mug of mulled wine.

Wirecutter’s pick out, L.L. Bean’s Wicked Great Moccasins, checks off those boxes.

Dutch Oven

Comfort food is certainly a hygge must. Unfortunately, I’m no make – my halfhearted efforts at preparing meal all inevitably finish up affectionately being known as “gruel” by my hubby, who is a far greater cook.

It’s an answer of mine to fix that in 2018, so someday I’ll put my Dutch oven to raised use by cooking hearty stews, serving up decadent mac pc and cheese, and perhaps even attempting to replicate my mother-in-law’s Knoephla soup recipe. (It’s a North Dakota thing.)

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Wirecutter’s pick is the 6-Quart Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven.

Miniature Lights

Lighting is an integral portion of hygge. Relating to “THE TINY Book of Hygge,” 85 percent of Danes point out candles when asked what they most associate with hygge.

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I’m here to help make the circumstance for indoor miniature lighting, too. Tiny, warm white colored lights add a glow that magnifies that hygge vibe. Brand your mantle or bookshelves, and don’t retail store them away until at least February (please unplug when unattended, friends). It’s not really lazy. It’s hygge!

Wirecutter’s pick out is GE’s Energy Smart Colorite LED Miniature Lights.

Dog Bed

For me, peak hygge is curling up on my couch with my hyggebukser, slippers and mulled wine as my dog, Zuki, rests in my lap or on my leg. She actually is kind of a hygge expert.

But dogs need their own hygge spot, too. In case you have a four-legged friend keeping you company, consider getting the Majestic Pet Goods Suede Bagel Pup Bed, Wirecutter’s favorite doggie bed for some pooches.

What hygge things are you pumped up about this winter? I want to know at mitch@nytimes.com and put “Hygge” in the topic line, or tweet me at @michelledozois.

– Michelle

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