5 things for December 7: Wildfires, Trump Jr., Jerusalem, same-sex vows, entitlements

(CNN) If you haven’t gotten it out yet, it is time to get your “cheesy” getaway sweater. It could earn you some no cost queso. Here’s what else you must know to GET RIGHT UP to Acceleration and Out the Door. (Also you can get “5 Points You Have to know Today” sent to your inbox daily. Sign up here.)

1. California wildfires

Today will end up being another hellish day in the fight the Southern California wildfires. The winds will get solid, with gusts up to 64 mph. It’s still dry, with humidity at significantly less than 10%. Those conditions, paired with dangerously dry vegetation, mean Los Angeles’ fire danger quantity will be 296, an archive high (165 or higher is considered extreme).

A lot more than 100,000 acres have burned up to now in the region. Thousands of people have already been evacuated. Nine miles of busy Interstate 405 were turn off as the fires acquired close. Many schools in LA are shut. And the wildfires are affecting Hollywood, too: Chelsea Handler acquired to leave her house, and the TV show “Westworld” temporarily stopped production as fire neared its placed.

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Meantime, California utility firm Edison International has lost $3.3 billion in market value because the blazes started out Monday. Wall Road fears Edison could possibly be liable for damages if its electricity lines are found to have began the fires.

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