America today: Longer commutes, bigger rents, less English in the home

Story highlights The launch summarizes US census data from 2012 through 2016

Many of the findings dovetail with Trump’s campaign messages

(CNN) Americans are commuting longer, speaking less English at home and paying additional for rent, according to a fresh data release from the Census Bureau made Thursday.

The census data, called the American Community Survey, is released in yearly intervals and is filled up with facts and figures about how the country’s demographics are changing. It displays not merely where rents go up but likewise where they decline. It displays where new immigrant groupings are shifting and where poverty is normally declining and rising. In addition, it shows trends, just like the increase in Spanish spoken in the house, that are typically the subject of political debate.

This year’s release summarizes data captured from 2012 through 2016.

Many of the findings of the survey dovetail with the communications President Trump pitched to American voters through the election — about infrastructure shelling out for roads, fights about immigration problems and difficulties facing low income groups.

Longer commutes

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