Anderson Cooper grills Roy Moore spokeswoman

(CNN) In a combative interview Wednesday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed Janet Porter, the spokeswoman for Roy Moore, on sexual harassment allegations against the Senate candidate.

Defending Moore, Porter compared the claims that women have manufactured against him to the Duke Lacrosse rape case , in which three customers of the Duke University men’s lacrosse crew had been falsely accused of sexually assaulting an exotic dancer at a celebration in March 2006.

“First off, when we talk about believing the women, I would ask the issue of maybe some lacrosse players at Duke University, ask them if indeed they believe every girl who makes a great accusation,” Porter said. “If we do a lynch mob mass media against innocent persons as we do with lacrosse, there would be some lacrosse players in jail right now.”

Porter continued to argue that the Democratic establishment, the far-left mass media, the pro-abortion lobby and George Soros were to blame for the accusations.

“Can you just explain to me how all these people met up and developed this plot against Roy Moore?” Cooper asked.

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