Apple well being director Anil Sethi leaves to build tumor start-up

Apple’s overall health boss, Anil Sethi, has left the company to start venture concentrating on helping very sick individuals after his sister died from malignancy.

Sethi’s medical record start-up Gliimpse was acquired by Apple in August 2016, with Sethi known as director of medical team. Sethi also performed at Apple as an engineer in the later 1980s but doesn’t credit rating that as one factor in the acquisition. Instead, he suspects, it had been his team’s know-how at aggregating medical data, while adhering to federal privacy requirements.

“At one level, Cupertino viewed 50 companies or so but they picked we,” he said. “I cannot speak for them but among the items we did is showed them a demo of what the technology could do with out a slick deck.”

Apple has been looking at ways to switch the iPhone into the central vault for people’s medical data. That’s Sethi’s know-how, which he views as a key way to bypass health care’s “interoperability problem.”

Interoperability, meaning the opportunity to share medical data safely between hospitals and clinics, continues to be a challenge in healthcare. It particularly affects those with serious health conditions with data scattered among dozens of doctors.

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