CNN International Programming Highlights – December

CNN International Programming Highlights – December

This month’s programming highlights on CNN International, incorporating a half hour special of Judo World and shows such as CNN Organization Traveller, Living Golf and CNN Inspirations:

CNN Inspirations

CNN Inspirations: Unseen Earth

Friday 15th December in 0900 GMT

Saturday 16th December at 2100 GMT

Sunday 17th December in 0200 GMT and 1100 GMT

Tuesday 26th December at 1600 GMT

CNN Inspirations: Back again to the Future

Friday 29th December in 0900 GMT and 1600 GMT

Saturday 30th December at 2100 GMT

Sunday 31st December in 0200 GMT and 1100 GMT

Filmed for the McLaren Thought Leadership Center, CNN Inspirations explores technology and advancement. This December, two hour-long special programmes, ‘Unseen Earth’ and ‘Back to the Future’, will explore the world today and the universe of the future.

The first of the two programmes, ‘Unseen Earth’, features three guests who reveal the incredible places and things that are just visible under the most effective microscopes, the greatest satellites, and buried deep beneath our feet.

‘Back again to the Future’ gives the world’s leading Futurologists (and Sophia, a speaking AI robot) in front of an audience of adolescent persons to explore the main developments in transport, communication, meals, fashion and robotics.

Living Golfing: 2017 Year in Review

Saturday 9th December in 0730 GMT and 2230 GMT

Sunday 10th December at 1730 GMT

Saturday 16th December at 1730 GMT

Sunday 17th December in 0730 GMT and 2230 GMT

This month, Living Golf analyses the stories covered in 2017, paying particular focus on the ten current or former world number one ranked players featured on the show this season. From PADRAIG HARRINGTON to Nick Faldo to Rory McIlroy, the programme has caught up with each of them at very different stages of their careers.

Also in the programme, host Shane O’Donoghue spends time with 2017 Masters Champion Sergio Garcia in his Spanish homeland. They think about his memorable year that saw him get his first Major, get wedded and announce the arrival of his first child next year.

Living Golfing also looks in advance to the future of the game, profiling the AJGA’s Rolex Tournament of Champions in Florida. Finally, the programme meets two new celebrities in professional golfing, Jordan Smith and Angel Yin, to determine what they learned and experienced within their standout rookie months on the respective tours.

CNN Business Traveller

Saturday 23rd December at 2130 GMT

Sunday 24th December in 0230 GMT and 1030 GMT

Monday 25th December in 0630 GMT and 1630 GMT

Wednesday 27th December at 1430 GMT and 2100 GMT

In this month’s bout of CNN Organization Traveller, Richard Quest explores China’s air travel revolution and how this is having a global transformative impact.

China has overtaken the United States as the world’s biggest business travel market. Within that travel boom, Chinese airlines happen to be quickly spreading their wings and routes to be major players internationally.

The programme examines these behemoth Chinese carriers about which so little is well known. Quest places their foreign service to the check, scrutinising what’s available for the road warrior and how they do a comparison of to the competition. The programme also talks about the Chinese video game changers that happen to be putting more money and airlines miles in the pockets of budget-minded business travellers, not simply in China, but around the world.

Defining Moments

Saturday 30th December in 1330 GMT and 2030 GMT

Sunday 31st December at 0130 GMT, 0730 GMT and 2200 GMT

Monday 1st January in 0630 GMT and 2030 GMT

Tuesday 2nd January at 1030 GMT and 1730 GMT

As every year concludes, the universe displays on the events of the 12 weeks left behind. 2017 is no numerous, as soon as again CNN will mark the finish of another year with this milestone programme, Defining Moments.

For more than ten years, Defining Moments has charted the landmark reports events that touched the universe. It’s more than just a recap of the year’s happenings, it highlights the courage and bravery of the human being spirit in situations of challenge.

The programme also marks how certain events altered the ways countries interact and sets a tone for the years ahead.

Judo World

Saturday 9th December in 1300 GMT and 2030 GMT

Sunday 10th December at 0130 GMT

Monday 11th December in 0230 GMT

Tuesday 12th December at 1730 GMT

Wednesday 13th December at 0930 GMT

Host Rihanna Jones heads to Japan, the home of judo, for December’s half-hour special of Judo Environment. Jones goes to the Tokyo Grand Slam Weekend to covers the competition from the purpose-built Budokan stadium.

The programme also examines Tokyo’s Kodokan, the spiritual headquarters of the international judo community. Eight floors, six dojos, 150 instructors and 1,300 tatamis are packed in to the building, which also residences a museum and dormitories for those desperate to immerse themselves entirely in the teachings of Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo.

The Kodokan is where in fact the regulations of judo were established in the late 19th century, when only nine students were in residence. Today the construction is updated, and sportsmen come from everywhere, and also stay onsite, to soak up the special atmosphere and rigorous training routines.

Also in the programme, Rhiannon Jones interviews Kosei Inoue, japan very coach who has been entrusted with bringing real estate glory for the nation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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