Congress poised to dodge shutdown deadline

History highlights Deadline is Friday to pass a spending bill

Republicans are expected to pass a two-week extension

Trump and congressional leaders meet Thursday at the White colored House

Washington (CNN) The prognosis to avert a federal government shutdown looks promising for the present time, as Residence Republicans prepare to put a short-term spending costs on to the floor Thursday to keep the authorities running for another two weeks.

But all eyes will be on the White House, where President Donald Trump and top congressional leaders will meet and hope to resolve longstanding coverage differences consequently a Congress can complete a long-term spending bill by Christmas. And that’s no sure thing.

Republican aides and members inside your home say they’re self-assured they have sufficient GOP votes to pass the stopgap bill — a positive sign for Republican leaders that the first showdown by the conservative Residence Freedom Caucus has ended. Republican leaders and Freedom Caucus principals had many meetings Wednesday, with aides and customers describing the talks as a positive step to continue on the two-week measure. According to one GOP House aide, customers were also told they could be prepared to go house Thursday instead of Friday if they got their job done ahead of the deadline.

Even so, the major obstacle is certainly what comes after December 22, when the government runs away of money once again.

For that, aides claim a meeting between congressional leaders and Trump on Thursday will collection the tone for negotiations continue with all eyes on whether the President displays up ready to take up deal-maker or instigator. Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer already canceled a previous ending up in Trump after the President tweeted that he didn’t see in any manner forward on a offer.

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