Flyer Saying ‘If A Black Men Went Immediately after SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Girls’ He Wouldn’t End up being Senator Has Alabama Senate Prospect Doug Jones Under Fire

When it comes to the upcoming senate competition in Alabama, most of us have been inundated with stories about sexual molestation allegations against Republican prospect Roy Moore. Even so, a recent flyer dispatched by Democratic prospect Doug Jones has some people shaking their head.

Recently, Black voters in Alabama had been disappointed when they received a flyer from the Jones campaign which seemed to us a Black person as prop.

For the record, all Jones had to accomplish in this mess of an election was literally nothing. Even so, his committee’s decision to send out the flyer could wrap up costing him.

The flyer featured a picture of a Black man making his best “watchu talkin’ ’bout Willis” face with the caption, “Think if a Black man went after high school girls anyone would help to make him a senator?”

Although the flyer was clearly a dig at Moore, who is accused of preying on high school girls in search of a sexual relationship, the term choice, imagery and tone of the flyer is 50 shades of wrong.

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