French Montana Moons Lovers While Falling Off A Surfboard

French Montana definitely made his vacation found in Sydney, Australia, unforgettable, for himself and everyone about the seashore. The rapper was spotted wanting to surf, and, to state the least, French failed big style. He even showed fans a little more of his backside than he might have intended to.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the “Don’t Panic” artist was seen gliding on his surfboard. He seemed to be doing very well, however the session took an awful turn when a set of waves unexpectedly knocked him of his panel. He then tumbled beneath the waves until he could finally level himself. However when he rose from the two inches of normal water, all the video camera could discover was his butt. TMZ censored a majority of his butt with a black block, but we nonetheless got the picture.

French may have shown a little more skin than he would’ve liked, but he still had a pretty positive attitude about it. In the video, you can see the rapper smiling as he stumbled to pull his trunks up.

Check out the video of French Montana beneath.

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