Here’s The Person Who Allegedly Burglarized Both Of R. Kelly’s Homes

While the remaining nation was indulging in Thanksgiving feasts and leftovers for the weekend, a man by the name of Alfonso Walker was helping himself to all of R&B singer R. Kelly’ s personal property or home after reportedly robbing both of his homes in Atlanta.

Relating to TMZ, Kelly was touring in New Orleans when Walker dedicated the burglaries back to lower back, ripping his residences of practically everything. Police reportedly caught up to him by method of three men that they saw departing from the Kelly’s house in a van. After they were earned for questioning, the men exposed that Walker, who happens to be affiliated with the singer’s camp, hired them to sell Kelly’s belongings because he’d become relocating to Chicago, TMZ reports.

According to Kelly’s real camp, however, Walker was a part-time worker. And after law enforcement searched his house, they uncovered a considerable amount of the singer’s belongings there. Walker’s description was three-fold, the site adds, as he gave three different variants of why the loot was uncovered there.

TMZ reported that there’s currently a warrant out for Walker’s arrest after he didn’t turn himself found in on Tuesday (December 5). Looks like Kelly should be more careful from below on out about where he’s leaving his personal belongings.

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