Hillary Clinton calls for push on CHIP renewal

Story highlights “These are perverse priorities,” Clinton said

She blasted the GOP tax plan and needed supporters to protect programs for the elderly and persons with lower incomes

Washington (CNN) Hillary Clinton called on her behalf supporters via Twitter on Thursday to press Congress to renew an expired program that provides health insurance to about 9 million children from lower-income families.

Federal funding ran out for this program in September, and despite bipartisan support before, Congress has yet to pass reauthorization for the Children’s MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Program (CHIP), so that it is a major focal point for the ongoing debate to fund the government past Friday.

With that contact mind, Clinton blasted Republican fiscal priorities, and in a number of tweets, she needed her supporters to ask Congress to renew CHIP and protect other government programs from potential cuts.

“There’s too much to be frustrated by at this time, to say the least. Here’s something that we should have the ability to fix,” Clinton began.

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