Increase in accidental deaths follows gun product sales spike

Story highlights After Sandy Hook, gun revenue spiked, and so did the amount of accidental gun deaths

The study is among the first to quantify accidental deaths with regards to gun sales

(CNN) After 26 children and educators were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary Institution in 2012 and President Barack Obama discussed increasing gun control, Americans bought more guns. But instead of offering security, at least sometimes, the revenue increased the probabilities that people would be unintentionally shot and killed, relating to a report published Thursday in Research magazine.

An additional 20 children and 40 adults, beyond what would be expected, died in accidental gun violence in the five-month period after Sandy Hook, the analysis found. This is considered a statistically significant boost during a amount of time in which, the authors estimate, 3 million more guns were purchased beyond the overall rate at which people typically buy guns.

No other spike in accidental deaths “of this magnitude” matches what occurred after Sandy Hook, the authors wrote, and the claims that had the biggest upsurge in sales saw the biggest upsurge in accidental gun deaths. The claims with the smallest upsurge in gun revenue saw the tiniest number of more accidental deaths.

The authors suggest these numbers again confirm the idea that increasing access to guns increases the risk of accidents.

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