Investors look to data, Brexit, US politics developments

In Europe’s past session, stocks closed marginally lower as investors reacted to a sharp decline in technology stocks. An identical trend was viewed on Wall Road and in Asia immediately. As a result, the muted trade viewed elsewhere on the globe is likely to have an affect on the European session Thursday.

Brexit will continue steadily to linger behind investors’ thoughts. A spokesperson for Theresa May, stated that the British prime minister would discuss the required “end state” in terms of Brexit with her top rated team of ministers before the year has gone out, according to Reuters.

In the mean time, lawmakers from the Uk parliament’s Upper House have said that the U.K. should avoid the worse-case scenario of having a “no deal” result in terms of Brexit.

News Stateside is likely to shake up sentiment. President Donald Trump and his administration announced Wednesday that the U.S. accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American Embassy will be moved there, despite the fact that officials recently stated the relocation could consider “years.”

The announcement was met with backlash from Arabs and Muslims from over the Middle East, in addition to the United Nations and EU voicing their concern about the decision and the repercussions it would have on the peace-making process between Israel and Palestine.

Meanwhile, tax reform remains on top of the agenda for investors worldwide. On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted to visit a meeting committee with the home, to be able to negotiate an idea in terms of overhauling the current tax system. The Senate voted 51-47 in favor of forming a meeting committee, as Republicans trust a tax proposal can be agreed upon by the Christmas getaway.

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