IPhone X shows from LG will come soon

LG may soon begin to supply some of the displays found in the iPhone X, based on the Korea Herald.

Apple currently uses OLED panels from Samsung for the iPhone X. The Korea Herald stated that LG may start shipping as many as 60 million displays for the iPhone in June, provided a deal between Apple and LG closes.

“Regarding the OLED source deal for Apple’s iPhone X, nothing has been set in detail. When anything is definitely confirmed at length, we will announce it, or (normally an announcement will be produced) in a month,” LG Screen said in a recent filing based on the Korea Herald.

The quote shows that discussions are ongoing but that LG is ready to deliver displays if Apple wants them. This could help Apple manufacture iPhone X products at a faster speed. Reports suggested early source constraints were linked to the OLED displays, though Apple appears to have were able to get over any potential source issues.

If LG is able to build displays for this year’s iPhone X, it’s possible Apple will tap the company again for 2018 iPhones, which are also expected to employ OLED panels.

Read the full article from The Korea Herald.

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