Lil B Just Offered A good Questionable UNDERTAKE Sexual Assault

Initially, Lil B simply addressed men and women about participating in consensual relationships. “Fellas and girls be sure to be clear,” tweeted. “Be clear if you don’t want sex or you are feeling pressured. Say, ‘I do not want sex, and I feel you happen to be pressuring me to have sex.’ Please make sure to speak up and claim these things to protect yourself and others.”

The #MeToo movement is gradually creeping its way in to the music industry, with sexual assault and rape allegations becoming brought against numerous artists and executives in the overall game. So that they can bring solutions and awareness to both women and men in order that these same incidents won’t happen once again, Lil B supplied some information along with personal accounts on Twitter Thursday morning. Despite his good intentions, though, his words comments didn’t accurately help the situation.

While he may have started off strong, his Twitter gospel took a weird flip when he described his own fears to be sexually assaulted by women. “Women you aren’t alone. A lot of men like myself live in continuous anxiety about potential sexual assault,” he continued. “I feel I’m sexy and warm as a guy and if I wear certain clothes to show off my body people may harass me especially if I’ve headphones on… I really like you. We are jointly.”

And it didn’t stop there. After a number of men and women criticized B for his remarks, he responded, “It’s sad to see a number of the tiny responses. I have already been getting after informing my truths for determining as a man being/man in fear of sexual assault people happen to be brushing me off like it doesn’t eventually men or my tale is not important. My story issues too.”

Finally, he concluded his tweets simply by suggesting that virtually any victim should alert the police of their assault. “As well just as a victim of any sort of assault or crime, sexual violent or non-violent,” he explained, “You have a choice just as a human being and American to visit the police for further action.. when i got jumped I told police hell na im not really pressing charges on do not require dudes I forgive all of them.”

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