Meek Mill Is Reportedly Building 19 Cents An Hour With These Prison Jobs

He’s also been keeping his hands busy, according to reviews from TMZ , by using a few prison careers that are spending him significantly less than what he’s employed to.

Meek Mill features been keeping his head up through his wins and losses, with the latest L landing him behind bars for a potential two to 4 years.

According to the webpage, Meek is a part of the basic labor crew over at the State Correctional Organization in Pennsylvania where he’s currently incarcerated.

Cleaning his cell block, washing dishes, preserving the upkeep of prison grounds and including cooking and serving foodstuff are under his every week duties. TMZ further reviews that, though he’s getting 19 cents one hour, he’s apparently drawing confident attention for his very good behavior.

Furthermore to keeping himself occupied, he’s maintaining his mental health as well as he’s reportedly on the waitlist for therapy, too. Lately, Meek’s bail was denied by the same judge who handed him the extreme sentencing, so we’re even happier to understand he’s taking the proper guidelines to keep his head on straight.

Way to hold your head up, Meek.

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