Merkel could be prepared to lead a minority German federal government, minister says

Chancellor Angel Merkel could lead a minority authorities if current coalition talks with the German Socialist party collapse, in line with the country’s deputy finance minister.

“If the Community Democrats aren’t ready to actually compromise with us on the necessary issues like the dilemma of how exactly we remain a good financial power … Then there can not be a grand coalition,” Jens Spahn, the deputy finance minister, told CNBC Wednesday.

“Nonetheless, we, as Christian Democrats, desire to govern even in a minority government, that’ll be innovative for Germany, but it’s time for innovative stuff anyway,” he added. Merkel herself has previously hinted that unique elections would be preferable over governing only.

Merkel’s center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister-party the Christian Community Union (CSU) won 33 percent of the vote back September’s elections, their worst type of end result since 1949. Coalition talks between Merkel, the liberal party and the Greens collapsed, throwing the spotlight onto the the center-left Community Democrats (SPD). The SPD has got previously governed with Merkel’s party in a “grand coalition” but seemingly wished to stay static in opposition and rebuild after a bruising election end result.

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