Much more people hate the GOP tax strategy than love it

(CNN) Midterm elections — like the one approaching in 2018 — are all about turning out basic voters. Why? History tells us that only the most stalwart partisans turn out when the presidential competition isn’t on the ballot. So if your aspect wants to pick up House and Senate seats in a non-presidential election, you should find ways to excite its most committed members.

Which is where in fact the Republican tax plan approved by the Senate last week comes in. And the fact that, according to a new CBS poll , lots more people hate the program than love it.

Just 16% of folks in the poll said they “strongly” approved of the GOP tax plan. That number pales in comparison to the 40% who stated they “strongly” disapprove of it.

A similar question — “Which best describes how you would look if the Republican tax system was signed into rules?” — produced equally concerning outcomes for Republicans. Just 8% said they might be “fired up” by the new tax rules while 22% stated they might be “angry.” (Another 28% stated they might be “pleased” and 31% stated they might be “disappointed.”)

Dig into the amounts and the direness for Republicans becomes considerably more apparent. While 46% of Republicans strongly approve of the taxes system, 71% of Democrats strongly disapprove.

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