Palestinians Vent Their Anger After Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

But Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s best foreign plan official, warned that the decision will be damaging to the peace effort.

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“President Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem includes a very worrying potential impact,” she said. “It includes a incredibly fragile context and the announcement gets the potential to send us backwards to actually darker times than the ones we already are living in.”

An important test should come on Friday. Hamas, the dominant pressure in Gaza, appeared to be competing with the West Lender leadership over loyalty to Jerusalem, and has called for Palestinians to rally and also to confront the Israeli forces wherever possible after noon prayers.

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Mr. Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and Hamas are involved in a renewed reconciliation effort after a decade-prolonged schism. Amid the turmoil over Jerusalem, the authority’s primary minister, Rami Hamdallah, found its way to Gaza on Thursday to discuss the handover of interior security there, one of the key sticking points which may have bedeviled previous tries to ease tensions.

Mr. Hamdallah’s government is meant to have full control of all ministries by Dec. 10, but has however to wrest the Interior Ministry, which handles secureness, from Hamas’s control.

He told reporters in Gaza that his aspect was specialized in reconciliation, “but if we fail, we will go up again to face together the biggest concern, the Israeli occupation.”


Mr. Abbas possesses repeatedly stated during the past that he does not wish a third intifada on his check out, and the phone calls from Hamas underscored the abiding interior divisions.

As Israelis went about their organization in Jerusalem on Thursday, there have been few noticeable signs of special event; for most, Mr. Trump had just affirmed a longstanding simple fact.

Primary Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel hailed the announcement from Washington. “President Trump has inscribed himself in the annals of our capital forever,” he said at a conference at the Israeli Foreign Ministry. “His brand will now be linked to the labels of others in the context of the glorious history of Jerusalem and our people.”

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Mr. Netanyahu said Israel was in contact with other countries to persuade them to identify Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, too. “ It’s about time,” he said.

In cities over the West Bank, Palestinians taken care of immediately calls from minarets to protest. Hundreds of youths built their method toward a checkpoint on the border of Ramallah, a frequent web page of clashes. In Gaza, youths protested along the border fence, rallied in a central Gaza Town park and burned tires in a refugee camp.

Salwa Helis, 32, took several orphans she teaches to the demonstration in the park, where they kept Palestinian flags and banners against the setting of a huge poster of Jerusalem, a city that’s out of reach for most Gazans.

“I can’t carry a good weapon to shoot or start rockets at Israelis,” she said. “That’s why I am right here protesting against Trump’s quality by shouting solidarity slogans for Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine.”

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