Police Say 27-Year-Old Person Killed 16-Year-Good old Because She Threatened to Show His Girlfriend, Her Aunt, About Their Sexual Relationship

As the investigation in to the 27-year-old Connecticut man who’s accused of fatally shooting a 16-year-old female he was internet dating unfolds, police now believe the killing happened after she threatened to tell his girlfriend about their sexual relationship.

Regarding to NBC Connecticut, Dominique Pittman was fighting with Evalyce Santiago in his car when the teen threatened to expose the type of their relationship to the woman he’s been seeing to get six years and possesses three children with. Additionally, this girl happens to be the aunt of Evalyce.

When Pittman was at first questioned by investigators after the shooting and car crash on Monday, he blamed the shooting over another gentleman in the automobile whom he described as Evalyce’s boyfriend.

Nevertheless, the inconsistencies in his account led him to afterwards admit that just he and Evalyce had been in the automobile together.

Pittman then said Santiago had a good knife and started yelling at him about borrowing cash from him and him shopping for her a winter coat. Then claimed she started cutting a key fob from his crucial chain and got a gun from the guts console of his car or truck. Pittman said both started fighting over the gun when it went off, causing him to crash.

Police found Evalyce in the passenger chair of the automobile with several gunshot wounds to the head.

During questioning, officers talked about the opportunity of Santiago carrying a child and getting traces of his DNA, which forced Pittman to admit having a sexual relationship with the teen until November, according to police paperwork.

At that point, Pittman said Santiago had been FaceTiming him to pick her up and threatened to tell his girlfriend of six years about their sexual relationship, according to the arrest warrant application.

They got into a disagreement, fought over the gun and he pulled the trigger and shot Santiago twice in the head, the court records state.

Santiago’s family said they did not know the teen was internet dating Pittman, and they only knew of his relationship with Evalyce’s aunt.

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