Preach: Gabrielle Union Slams #MeToo For Only Hearing When White colored Women Talk

While their actions are immensely commendable, Gabrielle Union is checking about the elephant in the room: the racial bias adding to the compliment of white women for speaking up, while marginalized voices never seemed to get the same amount of support.

The surge of sexual assault allegations produced against several Hollywood power players has taken over the media over the past couple of months, with several women coming forward to accuse famous brands Harvey Weinstein , Matt Lauer and more.

In a candid interview with THE BRAND NEW York Moments, the Being Mary Jane star described that there surely is a noticeable bias when it comes to believing females who relate their experience with sexual assault and harassment.

“I believe the floodgates have opened for white women of all ages,” she told the publication. “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence whose soreness has been taken seriously. Whose pain we’ve showed historically and continued to show. Whose soreness is tolerable and whose soreness is intolerable, and whose soreness must be addressed now.”

The actress went on to question if the same widespread legions of support will be seen if the spearheaders of the sexual assault allegations were minority victims. She claims that these particular accusers don’t have the luxury and ease of coming frontward with their stories just as that white victims carry out and stresses that it is essential for many who do to increase that system to those significantly less fortunate.

“If they hadn’t been approachable. If they hadn’t been people who’ve had access to parts and roles and true inclusion in Hollywood, would we’ve believed?” she continued. “When we have the microphone, how generally do we move it back again to the persons who are encountering a diverse challenge, but who are equally worthy as having the microphone?”

Union recently opened up about her own encounter with sexual assault, expounding on the time she was first raped at work. She added that the main motive she informed her story so honestly was because she was regarded as the “best victim,” as her assailant was caught on surveillance camera and she reported the crime shortly after it had initially happened, which isn’t the case in nearly all sexual assaults that take place.

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