SGI calls for new vision of reliability on occasion of awarding of 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN

Celebrating the awarding of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN (the International Marketing campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) on December 10, the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Buddhist association urges further more efforts to recognize the perspective of a world free from nuclear weapons embodied in the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), adopted in the UN in July this season.

In a statement, Mr. Hirotsugu Terasaki, SGI Director Basic of Peace and Global Concerns, warmly congratulates ICAN on this historic second and stresses SGI’s dedication that the Treaty will serve as a crucial concentration for the ongoing campaign for the abolition of these most inhumane of weapons, thereby helping humanity overcome its self-destructive tendencies.

Terasaki will participate in the ceremony in Oslo, in reputation of SGI’s role seeing that an international partner business of ICAN.

He states: “What we face, ultimately, is not a confrontation between the states that own nuclear weapons and the ones that do not. Rather, it’s the confrontation between the risk posed by nuclear weapons and humanity’s right to life. Nuclear weapons are harmful from a secureness perspective. From an ethical and moral point of view, they are wrong. This renders them unacceptable in any hands. Today, with the geopolitical risks of nuclear conflict at practically unprecedented levels, it really is vital that awareness be shared greatly by everyone.”

The SGI statement addresses the issue of the various reactions the Treaty has elicited: “There are those who recommend that the adoption of the TPNW has deepened division between the nuclear-weapon states and non-nuclear-weapon states. We consider, rather, that it provides an opportunity to identify perspectives that will enable multiple public constituencies to engage in the debate on nuclear weapons abolition. We can see the early indications of such an effort.”

To this end, Terasaki calls for constructive dialogue and debate involving all functions while strengthening effective linkages with the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) regime-the cornerstone of international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation efforts.

“The desire to protect the people and things we love is a core human being sentiment. Based on this universal human being desire to protect what we treasure, we must find fresh paths to coexistence. To do this, we must set out a new vision of secureness -one that includes viewpoints in apparent opposition and is conveniently understood, robust and appealing.”

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Soka Gakai International (SGI) is a community-based Buddhist association with 12 million members all over the world. Its actions to market peace and disarmament are part of the longstanding custom of Buddhist humanism.

SGI has been a global spouse of ICAN since 2007, cooperating on creation of several educational resources, like the exhibition “Everything You Treasure-For a World CLEAR OF Nuclear Weapons,” video clips of females hibakushas’ testimonies, and the animation Reshape Record as a tool to market and raise knowing of the TPNW.

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