#TBT: ‘A date that will live in infamy’

History highlights Thursday marks the 76th anniversary of japan attack on Pearl Harbor

2,403 Americans died

President Franklin Roosevelt asked for a battle declaration the next day

(CNN) Seventy-six years ago today, Japanese forces carried out an attack about a US Navy foundation at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, killing thousands and catapulting the United States into World War II. December 7, 1941, possesses since been remembered as, in President Franklin Roosevelt’s words, “a day which will are in infamy.”

The attack occurred around 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, carried out by 353 Japanese planes, 35 submarines and two battleships. Multiple American ships were damaged or destroyed in the assault — you can see the USS Shaw on fire in the picture above. More than 160 aircraft were entirely destroyed, and 2,403 Americans died . Of these, 1,177 served on the USS Arizona

On Thursday, President Donald Trump met with six of the rest of the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack.

“Through the entire war, one great fight cry could be heard by American good friends and foes as well: ‘Remember Pearl Harbor,'” Trump said.

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