The other 322 senators who resigned, in charts

Storyline highlights Most senators have resigned to fill other government posts

Two found in three resignations happened before the end of the Civil War

Just four senators besides Franken have resigned because of scandal over the last century

Washington (CNN) Al Franken will become the 323rd member of the Senate to resign from office in the coming weeks. But what do we realize about the 322 who emerged before him?

Resignations amid scandals are actually rare: Before Franken, only 4 Senators had called it again quits amid a scandal in the last century, according to a good list of resignations from the Senate Historical Office

Franken, D-Minnesota, announced on Thursday that he’d leave his content on the coming weeks after getting accused of inappropriately touching multiple women before and after he was a senator. More than two dozen Democratic senators called for his resignation Wednesday, and an Ethics Committee investigation was already underway.

But a majority of the resignations since the nation was founded have happened for the reason that senator was moving to some other government post. Here’s a full breakdown with info from the Senate Historic Office:

Nearly a quarter of the resignations (23%) have happened for some kind of executive branch appointment, while in regards to a seventh (14%) quit to run for governor or another state or local office. About one in ten (11%) quit to join a federal or express or local judiciary and 7% stop for a diplomatic appointment. The amount of those moving to an executive branch content has climbed substantially, from 15% before 1850 to 34% since 1850.

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