THE WEB Is Crashing And Burning More than Nicki Minaj And Cardi B’s ‘Motorsport’ Video

The hotly debated, highly anticipated “MotorSport” track by Migos, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B has finally switched gears and received the visual treatment for its official music video, released on Wednesday night (December 6).

Futuristic aestheticism and ultramodern shots, courtesy of its director duo Bradley & Pablo, give fast and furious an entire innovative meaning. While Offset may be flexing comfortably in the driver’s seat of his butterfly-doored high end whip, it’s his Bronx femcee fiancée who’s front seat and center for the picture, grabbing total control with fierce lyricism and a head-turning ensemble worthy of a NASCAR nod.

When Nicki shows up for her verse in an all-white chamber, suited properly with her own all-white sports vehicle and butterfly doorways, the video recording hits wig-snatching overdrive mode. Nicki the Ninja is definitely magnetizing, sporting floor-size pink braids and a metallic-paneled bodysuit that would place Sophia the Robot to shame.

Despite the flawlessness served up by equally Nicki and Cardi, some fans even now dissected the visuals and noticed, perhaps, the most obvious factor of the video: Nicki and Cardi’s separate scenes.

And while some are still trying to make evidence out of a Cardi versus Nicki rivalry, all of those other internet’s panic mode simply ran into total overdrive for the “MotorSport” video.

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