Trump’s Jerusalem decision places the center East on knife’s advantage (opinion)

Wardah Khalid is an analyst, activist, and speaker found on Middle East, refugee, and Muslim-American issues. Follow her on Twitter @wardahkhalid_. The sights expressed in this commentary will be her own.

(CNN) Donald Trump’s announcement, on recognizing Jerusalem due to the capital of Israel and moving the united states Embassy to the Holy Town, appeared, in least on the top, chiefly ceremonial.

His concept provided no specifics how it might bring peace to the Middle East and seemed targeted at appeasing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and supporters who voted him into office.

Wardah Khalid

But no ceremony can get away the real, negative consequences that could transpire consequently of the shift in longstanding US policy, including a complete delegitimization of the US’s function in peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, regional instability, and lack of key Arab and Muslim allies.

“While earlier presidents have built this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering,” Trump said in a speech Wednesday afternoon.

But aside from the public attention, he did the exact opposite. Trump quietly implemented the example of recent US presidents and signed a waiver to keep carefully the US Embassy in Tel Aviv for another six months. And he will likely continue steadily to do consequently for the foreseeable future, since an embassy move could take years

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