UN human rights chief calls away Trump over Britain Initially tweets

Story highlights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called Trumps retweet “foolish”

He also condemned nationalism and populism more broadly

(CNN) The United Nations’ top human rights official was “aghast” over President Donald Trump’s decision to re-tweet anti-Muslim video tutorials from the far-right ultra nationalist group Britain Primary last week, offering a robust rebuke of nationalist and populist leaders.

“It appeared to be as a result foolish,” UN High Commissioner for Human Privileges Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein told CNN’s Elise Labott throughout a Capitol Hill roundtable dialogue for the UN Man Rights Basis. “Or it appeared to be driven by a sense of purpose.”

“And why consider us to a location where what can accrue from this is immense violence?” he asked. “We have been there before.”

Al Hussein also condemned nationalism and populism even more broadly, saying the international individual rights framework, set up after World War II and the Holocaust, “is under immense anxiety at the moment” from authoritarian leaders and terrorist groups, but also populist politicians found in the west. He derided an extremely popular school of thought in the western world that suggests human rights efforts have already been ineffective and really should therefore be tossed aside.

The commissioner — a former Jordanian ambassador to america and US, who has verbal in calling out abuses in the Middle East as well as other regions of the world — described tens of millions of men and women died in two world wars and the Holocaust prior to the international community came together to build up the Human Privileges Declaration, and suggested the world reaches risk of time for the nation-centric dynamic of the early 20th century that allowed that violence to occur.

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