WTF Is Up With Cardi B WHICH Hat?

There’s no denying that Cardi B’s glow up provides been swift and stratospheric. Her trap Cinderella story honestly just continues escalating with the news that she’s received two Grammy nods this season. From dance to starring on Take pleasure in & Hip-Hop to not having to dance any more, her style, just like her profile, has leveled up during her meteoric rise, thanks in part to a warm embrace from the style world.

So like any sort of budding fashionista, Cardi is hip to trends. On her behalf, this has translated right into a like of headgear – or berets, to end up being exact! She’s especially keen on her black household leather Dior beret, which has also graced Rihanna’s head. Truly, we like a woman who rewears garments – relatable AF! Cardi as well showed wish to a crushed velvet beret lately, delivering her hat count to four occasions in the last week. Could this end up being her replacement unit transitional object following the devastating loss of her purple blanket? Keep tuned in! Check out all of Cardi’s fashionable beret looks below.

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