Elon Musk talks up Tesla’s upcoming artificial cleverness hardware

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked up the business’s custom hardware for artificial cleverness on Thursday during a talk at a organization get together for academic and industry researchers.

For the event in Long Beach, Calif., Musk brought with him Tesla’s vice president of hardware, Jim Keller. Musk talked about the business’s AI hardware in the course of providing info on what Keller, a previous AMD chip architect, is usually working on.

“Jim is developing specialized AI hardware that people think would be the best in the environment,” Musk said, according to one person who was at the event, that was not streamed live.

The specialized hardware could 1 day be utilized inside Tesla vehicles to do the computing work essential for autonomous driving. Currently, Tesla’s Autopilot hardware system relies on graphics cards from Nvidia.

CNBC reported on Tesla’s AI chip work in September.

Other automakers, including Ford and GM, are developing self-driving technology. Alphabet, which has developed tailor made chips that works extremely well instead of Nvidia graphics cards, operates the Waymo self-driving a vehicle car division. Apple possesses pursued autonomous traveling, and it has also developed tailor made silicon to take care of AI workloads on mobile devices.

In the Thursday talk, Keller suggested that with custom hardware it is possible to boost efficiency, while Musk talked about power and cost advantages, according to one report about the event on Twitter.

Musk also provided a good projection for when totally automated driving will be accessible: two years.

It’s not crystal clear, however, when Tesla would start out selling cars with the tailor made hardware. Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a obtain comment.

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